Dr. Evan Sorokin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a high level of training, experience, and technical skill. Perhaps more importantly, he lives by the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” which means that he will give each patient 100% of his efforts to get them the best result possible.

Dr. Sorokin will never promise a patient choosing surgery a result that is unrealistic or unachievable. From the initial consultation throughout the entire recovery process, he provides patients with kind, considerate, and professional care.

Specializing in breast and body contouring, Dr. Sorokin has a following of patients from much further than just the New Jersey and Philadelphia area, as there are very few plastic surgeons who focus their practice on these areas. He is known as The Breast Doctor based on his focus on these procedures. If you are considering a breast enhancement or an abdominoplasty, you owe it to yourself to get a consultation with Dr. Sorokin, a board-certified plastic surgeon. While no surgeon can guarantee a result or eliminate risks, we believe that specialization certainly helps.

To meet with Dr. Sorokin in person, request a consultation in either his Philadelphia Med Spa or southern New Jersey plastic surgery practice.

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