CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, proven effective, fat-freezing technology that reduces stubborn areas of fat from the abdomen, flanks, and even the chin! This machine utilizes a suction applicator that is placed over the problem area. In about 30 minutes, fat in the area is literally frozen, which then causes it to be absorbed over the next several weeks. This is a very popular procedure as it is nearly painless and very effective. Learn more about CoolSculpting in Philadelphia.

CoolSculpting®: Patient 1 - Before CoolSculpting®: Patient 1 - After
CoolSculpting®: Patient 2 - Before CoolSculpting®: Patient 2 - After
CoolSculpting®: Patient 3 - Before and After
CoolSculpting®: Patient 4 - Before and After
CoolSculpting®: Patient 5 - Before and After
CoolSculpting®: Patient 6 - Before and After
CoolSculpting®: Patient 7 - Before and After
CoolSculpting®: Patient 8 - Before and After
CoolSculpting®: Patient 9 - Before and After
CoolSculpting®: Patient 10 - Before and After

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Emsculpt was the first technology to utilize high-frequency electromagnetic energy to strengthen your muscle, as well as build new muscle fibers. This is an incredible technology that improves muscle definition and tone. During a treatment session, thousands of muscle contractions stimulate muscle building and strengthening. For the patient with little fat burden who wants to bring out their six-pack or lift their buttocks, Emsculpt delivers results!

EMSCULPT®: Patient 1 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 1 - After
EMSCULPT®: Patient 2 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 2 - After
EMSCULPT®: Patient 3 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 3 - After
EMSCULPT®: Patient 4 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 4 - After
EMSCULPT®: Patient 5 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 5 - After
EMSCULPT®: Patient 6 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 6 - After
EMSCULPT®: Patient 7 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 7 - After
EMSCULPT®: Patient 8 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 8 - After
EMSCULPT®: Patient 9 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 9 - After
EMSCULPT®: Patient 10 - Before EMSCULPT®: Patient 10 - After

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SculpSure is a non-surgical fat reducing technology that works on the opposite premise of CoolSculpting. Rather than fat reduction with freezing, this laser heats the area under the applicators to destroy fat cells which are then absorbed. While not as well known as CoolSculpting, many patients enjoy the fat reduction they see. When this laser was first introduced, it was used as a one-time treatment. We have found over the years that a series of two treatments tends to give much stronger results!